The 7 Most Weird Animals On Earth Captured On Camera

1. Maned Wolf

This is a maned wolf from the northeastern Brazilian state of Piaui. With a shoulder height of over 4 feet, it is the world's biggest wild dog. It is often called a "fox on stilts" because of its red hair and face and ears that look like a fox.

2. Gharial

The gharial, which is also known as the Indian gavial or gavial, is the only living member of the family Gavialidae. This is a group of crocodiles with long, thin noses that used to have a lot of members.

3. A family of Patagonian Hares (Mara)

I was shocked to see these huge animals that looked like hares roaming around the Nottingham playground for kids! They are big and have very weak legs. Their name is Mara or Patagonian Hare.

4. Tenerec

An afrotherian tenrec is any type of mammal in the Tenrecidae family. These animals are only found in Madagascar. The tenrecs are very different from one another. Because of convergent evolution, some of them look like hedgehogs, shrews, opossums, rats, and mice.

5. Tarsier

There is a Philippine Tarsier that lives on Bohol Island, which is called Bohol. One of the prettiest creatures I have ever had the pleasure of photographing is this one.

6. Hawk Moth

"Hawk moths move pollen farther than birds or bees." "That helps plant populations stay alive even when their habitats get worse," said Dr. Robert Raguso, a scientist at Cornell University who works with Smith. Pollinators protect a lot of different environments.

7. Proboscis Monkey

"I just like the look that this Proboscis monkey has on his face. One may say that it is quite similar to a human expression. It is Ben Cherry.

8. Chinese Water Deer a.k.a. “Vampire Deer”

A natural population of Chinese Water Deer may be found in the Woodwalton Fen nature reserve in Cambridgeshire.