M. Bison will arrive soon, art style change - Season 2 DLC Street Fighter 6 trailer analysis

M. Bison, the iconic antagonist of the Street Fighter franchise, is making a comeback in Street Fighter 6 after being absent from the game at launch.

Return of M. Bison:

Alongside M. Bison, the announcement included Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui from characters, along with Elena, another veteran of the series.

New Characters:

The four new characters will be rolled out over the course of the next year, with M. Bison set to arrive in summer 2024.

Release Schedule:

Street Fighter 6 introduced four DLC characters in its first year, including returning favorites and original characters like Rashid.

Previous DLC Characters:

The game also introduced new characters like Kimberly, Manon, and Marisa at launch, suggesting potential mainstays in the series.

Strong New Introductions:

The inclusion of crossover characters Terry and Mai received mixed reactions, with some fans excited.

Mixed Reactions to Crossover Characters: 

Despite differing opinions on the new DLC fighters, there is anticipation among fans for the continued expansion of the Street Fighter 6 roster.

Anticipation Among Fans: