Jennifer Lawrence Is the Latest Celebrity to Wear the Famous Challengers Tee

When you think of high fashion, movie merchandise probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind but Jennifer Lawrence might just change that perception.

Lawrence s latest look wasn't just any movie merch. She wore a $330 T-shirt from Loewe s Jonathan Anderson, who designed the costumes for Luca Guadagnino s film "Challengers." This particular tee sporting the bold black text "I TOLD YA" on gray cotton

was worn by Zendaya and Josh O Connor in the movie and later by both stars during the press tour. (Loewe also offers white T-shirt and sweatshirt versions on their website.)

Lawrence styled her coveted T-shirt by tucking it into slouchy black high-rise, wide-leg trousers. She completed the ensemble with simple black sandals, tortoiseshell sunglasses, and a black Dior Saddle Bag adorned with gold CD hardware.

Keeping her jewelry minimal, J-Law chose just a pair of diamond stud earrings, letting the T-shirt take center stage. Jonathan Anderson drew inspiration for the tee from a famous photo of John F.

Kennedy Jr. in the 90s, wearing a similar shirt while playing Frisbee with his dog. Anderson explained to Bazaar that the film inspired him to explore how sports dynamics extend beyond the courts.

He noted, I was thinking about how youth culture today has a more engaged relationship with the sports world. Athletes have become brands, and brands have become global phenomena, and I wanted the film's style to reflect this reality.