IATSE Aims to Wrap Up Bargaining by June 27

IATSE aims to complete bargaining for a new contract with the studios by June 27, adding an extra week of negotiations.

Negotiations will resume on June 24, with four more days allotted to finalize the Basic Agreement and the Area Standards Agreement.

Agreement has been reached on some issues, including artificial intelligence and subcontracting provisions.

Major economic issues, such as overall wage increases and a $670 million gap in pension and health plans, remain unresolved.

The current IATSE contract is set to expire on July 31, with no extensions planned.

The union seeks to have the new contracts ratified by the July 31 deadline.

IATSE represents about 50,000 workers under the Basic Agreement and 20,000 under the Area Standards Agreement.

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers is concurrently negotiating with IATSE and the Teamsters and Basic Crafts unions, whose contracts also expire on July 31.