How to Groom Long-Haired Cats: 8 Tips & Tricks

Like ourselves, long-haired cats vary. Perhaps your cat's fur mats. However, your cat may have dry skin.

Get to Know Your Cat’s Hair

Knowing your cat's fur type will help you understand their shedding habits. Long-haired cats have two coats. They wear a thinner summer coat.

Understand Shedding

Cats like routines. This includes feeding, napping, and grooming. Brush your cat regularly at the same time.

Create a Grooming Schedule

Cats dislike change and new settings. Creating a grooming plan for a new cat may stress them out.

Try to Make Things Stress Free

Long-haired cats need various grooming equipment. Will like some. Not so for others. Cats like soft bristle brushes.

Gather the Right Tools

Remember that cats are smaller than people. It may seem like little pressure, but it could injure them.

Always be Gentle

Cats loathe water, therefore most people avoid bathing them. However, not all cats agree. Though your cat can bathe themselves, you may want to help them occasionally.

Baths Can be Tricky

You may not realize it, but your cat's nutrition affects their health and fur. Cat fur stays glossy and healthy with proper nutrition.

Stay Mindful of Your Cat’s Diet