Choose These 9 Destinations For More Spontaneity In USA

Road Trip

You pack food, put on a feel-good song, and drive. Nothing compares.

The Ruler Map Trick

After choosing their maximum driving distance, they choose from the possibilities. I loved that concept! The ruler map method offers the same idea with a visual tool.

Guess Where Trips

You pack food, put on a feel-good song, and drive. Nothing compares.

Last-Minute Deals

Today, several websites provide last-minute travel offers. Flights, hotels, all-inclusive packages, and more are available.

Familiar Destination, No Itinerary

We often return to a location. Ireland, Italy, and Northern Ontario are my other homes, so I regularly fly or drive home.

New Destination

The various possibilities to inject serendipity into travel to a new place are one factor. Maybe you only book transportation and lodging.

Hyper-Local Spontaneous Travel Ideas

There are numerous great ways to enjoy hyper-local wanderlust on weekends and weeknights. Join a walking tour in your hometown.

Have Someone Else Plan the Trip

Leaving the planning to someone else, whether it's your road trip co-pilot, Guess Where Trips, or a stranger who's not traveling with you, adds spontaneity to your journey.

Close Your Eyes and Point

If you have time, finances (points!), and work flexibility, you could sit in front of a globe and let it spin! This must be one of the coolest spontaneous trip possibilities.