9 Most Beautiful Places In Tennessee, According To Locals

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area: Offering stunning arch formations and serene landscapes, Big South Fork provides a peaceful atmosphere for nature lovers. It features cliffs, arches, chimneys, and waterfalls, making it an ideal destination for exploration and relaxation.

Cumberland Gap: Known for its breathtaking views, Cumberland Gap offers panoramic vistas of the surrounding Great Smoky Mountains. Visitors can hike trails leading to the Gap's saddle and enjoy sunrise views from Pinnacles Overlook.

Greeter Falls: Located in Altamont, Tennessee, Greeter Falls boasts both upper and lower cascades, with a pristine swimming hole nestled in Savage Gulf State Park.

Snoopers Rock: Situated in Prentice Cooper State Forest northwest of Chattanooga, Snoopers Rock provides amazing views of the Tennessee River Gorge.

Northrup Falls: Found in Colditz Cove State Natural Area, Northrup Falls is a majestic waterfall plunging over 60 feet into a narrow gorge. Visitors can hike a 1.5-mile loop trail to witness the beauty of the falls and its surrounding flora and fauna.

Mount Le Conte: As one of the icons of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Mount Le Conte offers stunning views from its summit. Hikers can embark on the challenging Alum Cave Trail to reach the top and enjoy the rustic accommodations of LeConte Lodge.

Roan Mountain State Park: Known for its scenic beauty and abundant rhododendron blooms in June, Roan Mountain State Park offers breathtaking views and diverse hiking trails.

Douglas Lake: With its serene waters and majestic mountain views, Douglas Lake is a picturesque destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy boating, fishing, and picnicking along the lake's 500 miles of shoreline.

Burgess Falls: Situated southwest of Cookeville, Burgess Falls is a captivating waterfall plunging over 130 feet into a scenic gorge. Visitors can hike the River Trail loop or join a kayak tour to experience the beauty of Burgess Falls up close.