9 Low-Maintenance Hair Colors That Let You Skip The Salon

Golden Brunette

Cherin Choi called this lovely tint golden brunette. Honey highlights will fade without touch-ups. 

Highlights with Root Shadow

You might assume brilliant highlights on brunette hair would be high-maintenance, but Jaye Edwards utilized a technique that will last. 

Soft Bronde

A transitional color job like Cherin Choi's gentle bronde is a great option to brighten up without the hassle of going from brown to blonde. 

Pearl Ash Blonde

Can you believe Guy Tang's fantastic color job is a year old? This shows that face-framing highlights can look great aged. 

Warm Blonde

Blonde hair dye is notoriously tough to maintain, but hairstylist Cherin Choi's warm honey foundation will seem more natural as it grows out.

Sunkissed Babylights

He wove the highlights in naturally throughout the hair, so there won't be an unsightly line where her hair started to grow out. 

Cool Beige Blonde

Hairstylist Cherin Choi's cool-toned masterpiece is just blonde enough without being too light.

Champagne Mauve

Any vivid hair color like this elegant mauve by hairstylist Kim Pham sounds high-maintenance, but when done with an ombré effect at the bottom half of the hair follicles.

Copper Ribbons

She used the client's natural color as a base, making growth easy. When choosing a hair color, go with what seems natural.