9 Blooming Vines That Add Beauty and Privacy to Your Yard

Climbing Roses: Blaze Improved Climbing Roses are perfect for adding privacy with bold red double blooms, reaching up to 15 feet tall.

Wisteria: First Editions Summer Cascade Wisteria is cold-hardy to zone 4, growing rapidly with lilac-purple flowers and lush foliage from.

Clematis: The Sparky series offers early-blooming clematis in vibrant colors like pink, purple, and blue, thriving in zones.

Black-Eyed Susan Vine: Lemon A-Peel Black-Eyed Susan Vine is a fast-growing annual with bright yellow blooms.

Bittersweet: First Editions Autumn Revolution Bittersweet is a self-fruiting North American species with vibrant orange berries.

Mandevilla: Sun Parasol Apricot Mandevilla is a continuously blooming tropical vine for zones , best grown in full sun.

Holboellia Vine: Heavenly Ascent Holboellia features large, fragrant white flowers and glossy foliage, thriving.

Climbing Hydrangea: Hydrangea anomala petiolaris, or climbing hydrangea, clings to surfaces with aerial rootlets, producing lush blooms and foliage.

Trumpet Vine: Balboa Sunset Trumpet Vine attracts hummingbirds with its clusters of deep reddish-orange flowers, thriving in various conditions once established.