8 The Greatest Plants to Grow With Sunflowers


Besides adding a burst of color to your garden, marigolds are beneficial for repelling harmful insects like nematodes while attracting beneficial ones like ladybugs.


When paired with sunflowers, tomatoes benefit from the shade provided by the towering sunflower stalks, reducing moisture loss and watering frequency.


Sunflowers act as sturdy supports for zucchini vines, preventing them from overtaking the garden space. By growing stem-in-stem with sunflowers, zucchinis thrive


Both sunflowers and peppers enjoy similar sun and soil conditions, making them compatible companions in the garden. Peppers help deter pests that might harm sunflowers


With their lush blooms and similar sun and soil requirements, zinnias complement sunflowers perfectly, creating a vibrant and colorful lower layer in your flower garden.


Basil's fragrance repels pests like whiteflies and beetles while attracting beneficial bees and pollinators. Growing basil alongside sunflowers enhances pest control and promotes


Corn and sunflowers grow harmoniously side-by-side, reaching for the sun without competing for space or resources. They create a dynamic and tall backdrop in the garden landscape.


Chives deter pests with their strong odor, protecting sunflowers and other nearby plants. Their shallow root systems make them easy to grow alongside sunflowers