7 Easy & Healthy Juicing Recipes for Beginners

Celery Juice 

With directions for using a blender or a juicer, this is a fairly simple for celery juice.

Carrot Juice 

You are going to love this delicious carrot juice that uses oranges and ginger. It is so zesty and sweet.

Easy Beet Juice 

Beets are naturally detoxifying and they are so delicious in this healthy green juice that also includes lemon, celery, carrot, and apple.

Vegetable Detox Juice 

For a daily health routine or juice fast, this detox green juice is fantastic. Use imagination and seasonal foods. Parsley helps in detoxification.

Refreshing Cucumber Juice

This refreshing and slightly sweet cucumber juice is so perfect for warmer weather when you want extra hydration.

Watermelon Juice

This recipe for pure watermelon juice is a heavenly drink for the summertime.

Cabbage Juice

Believe it or not, but Cabbage Juice is actually mild in flavor and so tasty! This recipe also uses lemon and apple to balance the flavors.