7 Best Exercises To Do To Stay Active When You're Feeling Down

Go for a Run for an All-Natural Mood Boost

The most tangible example of exercise stimulating certain brain chemicals is the runner's high that many athletes report experiencing once crossing a certain threshold of exertion

Lift Your Mood by Lifting Some Weights

Stocksy A 2020 study of 21 research found that strength-training workouts might alleviate depressive . Another analysis found that individuals who lift weights are less likely to develop depression.

Combine Yoga With Other Treatments to Feel Even Better

Eastern traditions like yoga have a wonderful antidepressant effect because they improve flexibility, breathing awareness, balance, and meditation.

Relieve Stress With Graceful Tai Chi Moves

A group class can foster autonomy and community. Exercise classes may help you build a social support network that you would not get alone

Walk Regularly to Help Ease the Blues

Walking, an aerobic workout for most people, may help you feel better just by moving your feet. Just put on some comfy, supportive sneakers and you're ready.

Get a Healthy Dose of Sunlight by Heading Outdoors

The mood-boosting brain chemical serotonin may be increased by sunshine. Wintertime brain chemistry changes may cause seasonal affective disorder.

Break Out of a Funk by Bouncing

A basic method is to bounce. Jumping on a rebounder, or tiny trampoline, is a fun way to work your cardio without straining your joints.