7 Amazing Big Lots Items You Need to Buy

Their foundation prices are incomparable. Don't anticipate more than a few colors. As a closeout business, they don't carry whole lines. They stock things from other shops' excess, limiting selection.

Makeup at Big Lots?

Between Big Lots and the Dollar Tree, I never buy nail paint anywhere. If you know me, you know I love nail polish. Dollar Tree has good nail polish, but Big Lots offers better brands.

Nail Polish and Nail Supplies

Big Lots is the finest location to get high-quality small kitchen equipment. I bought most of my appliances from Big Lots. They sell high-quality name-brand and off-brand appliances.

Big Lots Small Kitchen Appliances

Additionally, Big Lots pillow sets are inexpensive! Simply changing the cushions on your couch may transform your living room or bedroom.

Outdoor furniture deals at Big Lots

Big Lots has a surprising toy variety. It was never my toy purchasing destination. My daughter found the toy department when shopping a few years back.


A small speaker for your iPod or phone was my workplace white elephant gift one year. It was stolen left and right until it was locked. The most popular gift that year. They all inquired where I bought it so they could obtain one.

Christmas Gifts

As I said, their appliances and culinary sets are great. They provide Rachel Ray, Paula Dean, and other outstanding sets. Despite their 20% discount, they offer more choice and lower pricing than Bed, Bath, and Beyond.