10 Countries Americans Should Steer Clear of This Summer Per U.S. State Department


The country faces terrorism, wrongful detention, kidnapping, public floggings, executions, women's rights erosion, extreme drought, and deadly earthquakes.


Belarus is risky due to its support for Russia's war, civil unrest, arbitrary law enforcement, and limited U.S. Embassy operations.

Burkina Faso

The country experiences high levels of terrorism, crime, kidnapping, violent clashes, and significant displacement.

Central African Republic

The region deals with crime, civil unrest, kidnapping, and has poor water accessibility and limited embassy support.


Myanmar is plagued by armed conflict, civil unrest, land mines, a military coup, limited healthcare, and wrongful detentions.


Gaza is dangerous due to terrorism, armed conflict, high displacement, severe shortages, and the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.


Haiti is marked by kidnapping, violent crime, gang conflicts, infrastructure challenges, and limited embassy operations.


Iran poses risks of terrorism, kidnapping, civil unrest, arbitrary arrests, and a high number of executions.


Libya suffers from armed conflict, civil unrest, crime, kidnapping, terrorism, and severe flooding.


Mali is troubled by crime, terrorism, kidnapping, human rights abuses, and postponed democratic elections.