10 Cool Facts About Coyotes

Coyotes are good rodent and rabbit hunters, making them useful pest management animals.

Coyotes Provide Great Pest Control

The coyote expanded when Europeans migrated west, eradicating great predators like wolves, cougars, and bears and turning woodlands into prairie-like farming.

They Expanded Their Range Because of Humans

Western coyotes crossed with eastern wolves and domestic dogs as they migrated east. Eastern coyotes are called coywolves because of this.

Eastern Coyotes Are Part Wolf

Coyotes hunt more than rodents and birds. They are omnivores who enjoy ripe berries, veggies, fallen fruit, and other healthful foods.

They Are Omnivores

Coyotes are lifelong monogamists. In 2012, researchers studied 18 litters of coyotes and found that once they pick a partner, they stay together.

They Mate for Life

Normal dog walking speed is how coyotes move. They can run 35–43 mph when pursuing prey or evading danger.

They Are Fast

Researchers found 11 vocalizations: growl, huff, woof, bark, bark-howl, lone howl, group yip-howl, whine, welcoming songs, yelps.

They Make 11 Different Noises

Discovering that urban coyotes behave differently from suburban and rural ones.

They Adapt Well to City Life

Coyotes rear their young in pairs or packs. Litters can have one to 19 pups.

They Parent Together

Shy coyotes avoid humans. However, feeding or cornering these predators may unintentionally provoke dangerous encounters.

They Are Sometimes Dangerous